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Seeing Volume 2

Seeing is a series of books that contemplates the peripheries of what we consider visually perceptible, comprehensible or expressible. If what we find here are images, then they are ones that attempt to elude our awareness. They may appear volatile, fleeting, impermeable, enigmatic, disquieting, inferior or irrelevant, and therefore we tend to spurn or disregard them. Each book in this series assembles contributions that navigate a constellation of related ideas, allowing a reciprocal meditation on and renewed attention to what usually remains hidden from our gaze.

Seeing Volume 2 bridges two main themes by exploring how images are able to portray things that do not or might not (yet) exist, and how images are able to affect us emotionally. The volume features visual reflections, poems, annotated lists, experiments and observations made by students in response to two seminars on Visual Culture in the MA programme in Visual Communication at ZHdK. These responses are introduced by Björn Franke, linked to the realm of perception through a visual essay by Anina Amacker, and brought to other states of consciousness via an essay by Sarah Owens.

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Editors: Björn Franke, Sarah Owens
Contributors: Anina Amacker, Caroline Ammer, Stephanie Bär, Leon Erben, Julia Hürlimann, Bew Kullasatri, Emma Kürz, Mario Naegele, Nina Savenberg, Emma Scala, Katharina Shafiei-Nasab
Design: Ronny Hunger

Seeing Volume 2