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Typografie & Schrift

The focus delves into typography and type design by examining its fundamental elements from historical, technical, and critical perspectives. The curriculum begins with an exploration of basic typographic compositions in letterpress, graphic grid systems, visual tension in typographic compositions, the anatomy of type; with the intent of providing the knowledge and ability to produce innovative layout and typefaces. Students will gain an understanding of the technical evolution from print to digital formats and reflect on the use of type as an essential element of graphic design. The course covers the following modules.

1. Letterpress

Students will be introduced to the basics of typography through the technique of typographic composition by analogue designing methods. First by hand, on paper, and finally by letterpress composition and -printing, to understand its historical context and ever lasting relevance in contemporary design.

2. Grid System

In this module, students compose and weight larger amounts of text, in logical, topic related orderingsystems and hierarchies. We discuss relevant historical examples, the evolution of text templates and their applications in both traditional and contemporary contexts. Through an applied exercise, students gain practical experience in the efficient use of graphic systems, typographic and micro-typographic rules in visual communication.

3. Type Design Basics

This module focuses on the structural aspects of the Latin alphabet, covering basic calligraphic exercises and construction techniques to develop an understanding of letter shapes. Students will receive and introduction to the software Glyphs with the aim of creating a first modular typeface. The focus lies on construction methods, optical correction, the refinement of curves and letter spacing. The course will culminate in a group-designed specimen that showcase the different typefaces.

4. Type Design Advanced

Based on historical references, students will create their own typeface for a specific purpose—whether for text or titles use. The course will cover both, historical, technical and critical approaches of today’s type design discipline. The anatomy of letters, digital drawings and refinement of curves will be examined more in-depth. Through the applied exercise students gain insight in the technical background and will receive an introduction in the multiple master and variable font technologies.