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Crafting Playbook

Crafting Playbook: A Playful Way to More Balance and Meaning at Work

The digital Crafting Playbook promotes active engagement with the world of work. With short activities—the Crafting Plays—one reflects on strengths and resources at work and implements changes in everyday life. The plays are developed by practitioners together with experts from the fields of art, education and psychology.

Duration: 2023–2025

Funding: Digitalization Initiative of the Zurich Higher Education Institutions (DIZH)

People: Dr. Gregor Jenny (UZH), Prof. Dr. Georg Bauer (UZH), Prof. Dr. Michael Zirkler (ZHAW), Dr. Björn Franke, (ZHdK), Dr. Heike Beuschlein, (PHZH), Larissa Hauser Fitze, (PHZH)

Partner: Arcplace, Forum BGM Zürich, SUVA, Swiss Leaders

Forschung 2023