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Illustrating Mindfulness

Visual aids for developing emotional intelligence in children

From a young age, children learn about the human body, number and writing systems, and society. But what they usually do not learn is how their own minds work: experiencing emotion and developing habits.

Teaching emotional intelligence through mindfulness equips children with tools they can use to deal with stress and process emotions. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the present, without judgment.

Mindfulness education in early childhood is increasingly common, but the role of visual communication in this field is so far marginal. I aim to create a system of visual aids for children aged three to five that harnesses their ability to process visual metaphor in order to introduce and explain mindfulness. In addition, the project will address ways in which parents and education professionals can help children understand this elusive but essential aspect of understanding ourselves and others.

Allaina Venema
BA-Diplom 2015