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How do billions of years of evolution fit into the format of an artists’ book?

Wie passen Milliarden Jahre der Evolution in das Format des „artists’ book“?

4.6 billion years ago, Earth was formed. Meteorite bombardments, volcanic eruptions, or ice ages occurred and had direct consequences on the landscape and life on Earth. What is the best medium to visualize this content? A format that offers a lot of space for experimentation, sequences, series and narrative stories. An object that gives the reader/viewer an experience, a feeling by touching, flipping, tearing, folding… the artists’ book, itself an artwork. The content dictates the format and its features, following the structure of a geolo¬gical timeline. The illustrated evolution of an animal comes to life within this frame, adapting throughout the various events and periods of time. Evolution hasn’t stopped. New species will emerge, continents will drift, new mass extinctions will occur, leaving Earth to the power of nature.

Julie Peter
MA-Diplom 2013