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Persian and Latin Type Characters

A Comparison

There are similarities between speech, languages and dialects among cultures. I surveyed the effects that letters have on each with an intense comparison of the shapes of letters and their structure. Itʼs important for me to show the similarities and differences of Latin and Persian letters. I did this with a certain focus on different parts of them.

My thesis deals with the answers to questions about the lack of coordination and diversity in the making of Persian type characters. Can I help to improve Persian fonts by following rules of Latin type design? Or is it better to focus more on the structure of Persian letters and to create new rules based on the body structure of Persian letters?

I compared negative and positive spaces in Latin and Persian letters that are placed in the same position and follow a similar structure in terms of form. I intended to find common points in them and remove certain structures of Persian letters.

Ali Soltanolamaei
BA-Diplom 2017