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«What about you, why are you still here?» «Well, I am talking with you.»

How can autism be made visible through formal and functional methods? How can the phenomenon be communicated through a medium?

Autism is a phenomenon, which is known but still seems distant and incomprehensible. In our society, autism, classified as a developmental disorder, is marked by two extreme conceptualisations of the autist: the inability to function in social contexts on the one hand, and the possession of extraordinary abilities and intelligence on the other. Both constructs are very schematic, because an autist can be both, or one or the other, or neither. My master thesis offers – through personal experience of autism – a new, mediating perspective. The visual and functional implementation of autism is afforded through the transfer of autistic behaviour into the medium of a book. Experiencing this medium is experiencing autism.

Daniela Gruber
MA-Diplom 2016