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4 Days Magazine Design

Workshop with Kamwah Chan

In a 4 days workshop, we try to give the students a close-up look at the practical daily environment of Magazine Design in a publishing house. The main goal is to show to students not theoretical or conceptual elements in designing magazines, but more what magazine designers in general have to deal with in their daily task.

The essence and criteria of Magazine Design, although the design may differ from genre to genre, remain constant. It is all about treatment or layout of text and pictures (mainly typography and photography), based on journalistic point of view. Therefore it is essential to help students to understand that journalistic thinking is a crucial aspect for magazine designers.

In this workshop, we spent 2 days in analysing the making of different genres of magazine – fashion, news, design, travel. Then 2 days students are asked to create a journal, with formats, mastheads, covers, texts and pictures, trying to experience magazine design in a journalistic approach.

Kamwah Chan

Dozent: Kamwah Chan
Assistenz: Rebecca Morganti-Pfaffhauser