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MA Work in Progress Exhibition

MA Visual Communication
Work in Progress Exhibition

Zurich University of the Arts
15–19 December 2022
5.K06, Aktionsraum

Students of the MA Visual Communication program have been experimenting with exhibition formats, taking their diverse work-in-progress as point of departure. Overlapping layers of light, place, color, language, gender roles, or narrative structures are to be explored here. Moments taken from individual journeys do emphasize personal encounters with the topics and relate to a broader context at the same time. Often, this ambiguity provokes questions: Which way of staging or hiding seems appropriate? To which layer of reality or narrative does an exhibition installation refer? Using found online footage, AI-generated translations, spatial narrations, or performative interventions, an individual work-in-progress is transformed into a shared and overlapping experience at the exhibition space.

Burkhard Meltzer

Caroline Ammer, Max Fohrer, Klervie Mouho, Emma Scala, Veronika Stratiewski, Angelina Wicker, Jost Zeindler

MA Work in Progress Exhibition